Amazon shows technique for user recognition via palm

Amazon has shown One, a device and technique for recognizing customers by the palm. The company will test the technique in two of its own physical stores in the home city of Seattle. After that, the company wants to use the technology in more stores

A user’s authentication takes about a second and during that time the user must hold the palm above the device, amazon. The image of the palm is based on patterns of lines in the palm of the hand, along with the pattern of blood vessels. That should give a unique pattern to identify people

To get involved, users need to stick their credit card in the device and have their palm scanned. Each subsequent time, only a second scan is enough for identification or pay. Amazon has chosen this technique because it is contactless and requires a conscious gesture from the user, as opposed to, for example, facial recognition.

Amazon initially uses the technique in its own stores, but it can also be used to quickly identify supporters in a sports stadium or to replace loyalty cards in third-party stores.