All Flappy Bird Medals

Here are all Flappy Bird medals and what it takes to win them. People are so obsessed with Flappy Bird they are breaking their phones with anger at losing. Just watch this video.

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Flappy Bird Medals

The Bronze Medal

The bronze medal is fairly easy and requires you to earn 10 points.  Most people that first play the game take about 5 to 20 times before they pass the first pipes.

The Silver Medal

The silver medal requires 20 points and requires extra concentration.

The Gold Medal

The gold medal requires you to earn a total of thirty points.  Now the game is really hard, you will need extra focus and maintaining your concentration.

The Platinum Medal

The platinum medal requires 40 points and is almost impossible to get.  Make sure you relax and blink because your heart will be pounding and vision may get blurry due to intense concentration.