Air displays for iPhone iPad

Ever wish you had an extra monitor for your Mac or PC? There’s an app for that!

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Avatron Software develops Air DisplayAir Login, and Air Sharing productivity apps for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. Whether you want to access your computer remotely, turn one device’s screen into an external monitor for a Mac or PC, or view, share, and print files from your iPhone or iPad, Avatron has a world-class app for that. Want to build a custom app? The App Group at Avatron can help.

Use your iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac or Windows PC as a second monitor. Extend your desktop or mirror your monitor.

Touch your desktop

Use your finger to draw directly on the screen. Try it with a calculator app, painting tool, or music control surface!

Orient it any way you want

Air Display works in both landscape and portrait configurations. Just rotate your screen, and it automatically reconfigures.

No wires needed

With Air Display you never need to mess with monitor cables or wires.

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Air Display 2

Better, smarter, and 50 percent faster than ever.

  • Connect up to 4 extra screens at once
  • New, streamlined and iOS7-ready interface
  • Much faster performance