Advantages and disadvantages of LibreOffice

Here are the advantages to and disadvantages to using LibreOffice.
Libre Office auto correction

  1. Libre has great support including a users manual.
  2. Libre Office when compared to MS Office is definitely not packed with features. If you use Excel extensively, then Libre Office is not for you. Features like text to columns, pivot tables are available in Libre Office and they are more than enough for daily activities for certain people.
  3. Really bad to look at. When compared to MS Excel, Libre Calc just looks ugly. And now that Microsoft’s Metro UI looks so slick, Libre will just seem to get more uglier. Fonts are bad. The characters seem to overflow out of their cells. Overall, the design of libre office just sucks. And the placement of buttons and menus is just bad. MS Excel’s ribbon interface gives easy access to everything I want.
  4. Add ins – I personally use a lot of Add-Ins for Excel. Some of them include Power Pivot and Excellent Analytics. Power Pivot was a brilliant tool which I miss in Libre Calc.
  5. MS Excel is freaking fast. I have observed that Libre Office sometimes crashes when you paste One Lakh rows of data. The screen goes semi grey and thats the end of it. I was able to process One Lakh rows on Excel very easily. Although, it did take some time, I was still content that I could process something like that.