Advancements in Communication Technology

As the world moves on, so is the advancement of technology. Every year often sheds more light on the improvements to the previous technology at the same time as introducing new inventions. The main reason for all these, is the desire to speed up the process of communication across the world, with an aim of reducing the communication inconveniences of the past.


Remember those times where radios was the only form of communication. You do not want to think about how slow the process of communication was. Radios came way before the introduction of other forms of communication such as computer and phones. This is one of the oldest forms of communication that have able to sustain the pressure of advance technology.
What are the greatest advancements that have influenced the communication industry in the recent years?


This idea started as a government initiative in the US, before turning to be the best ever experienced improvement in communication of the 20th century. This technology has immensely affected the communication not only in the speed but also in efficiency.

At the moment, the technology has simplified the communication through linking people together around the world and therefore enabling them to access one another. This also enhances apparently unlimited resources that allow people to transact their business in a more simple, fast and effective way.


Wireless communication, also called as WiFi (wireless fidelity) or just WLAN, uses the low-power radio waves to convey data over long distances from a device to another device without use of wires. This also allows both recipients and senders to access one another and communicate. This technology has accelerated the process of communication to incredibly faster levels.


Electronic mail, commonly known as email, is a method of sending messages from one person to another instantaneously over Internet through a specific service provider or an email-hosting website. Email has fundamentally replaced the hand-written memos that people were sending through postal system. All senders can also send a direct message at the same time attaching documents and images to the email, enabling recipients to access immediately the information. This remarkable form of communication also has eased the jam on the radios that people used experience in the past.


Smartphones are similar to mobile phones. They do an amazing additional range of tasks when compared to mobile phones. The cellular phones offer variety features, which not only allows your communication but also gives you a remarkable internet access. All the smartphones currently have radios that allow you to enjoy your best radio stations wherever you go.


Online networking websites, like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, are progressively becoming a most famous means of detailed and instant communication. Once you register on the sites, you can communicate with your friends, clients, and family constantly. You may also add images and update personal status.

In conclusion, the above technologies have in the past, are, and will continue to transform the communication industry for the betterment of the lives of people living in the world just like radios.