A flying taxi has taken to the skies for the first time

flying taxi

Almost everyone must have travelled from the taxi. Taxis are one of the most used public transportation. Taxi is a type of vehicle which is for hire which has a driver and is used by single or a small group of passengers. It is a bit different than other public transports as here passengers can determine their own destination and route.

Mostly taxis run on land but efforts are going on to make flying taxis. Yes, you read it ride in Dubai efforts are going on to create a flying taxi.

What is flying taxi?

Flying taxi is a taxi which will travel in air. It will help the passenger to travel from one skyscraper to another. The maximum flight time will be of 30 minutes at a cruising speed of 31 mph which is 50 km/h and a maximum speed of 62 mph that is 100 km/h. it is eco-friendly and will work on electricity. According to the Reuters the test flight the flying taxi was hovered 200 meters high. It is also called as AAT (Autonomous Air Taxi). These taxis are still not used by people but they will be available for them 2020 (Note: the year given here is approximate and is a kind of deadline set by the countries which will be launching it.)

Dubai has taken one of the biggest steps in pursuing their mission of flying taxis. These taxis are German based electric Volocopter. Dubai has already started working in setting up the rules for the use of these taxis. The investments have already been made in another model of a flying taxi known as autonomous taxi by Dubai.

Structure of the flying taxi:

Flying taxis have a similar structure as of a helicopter. The design of the flying is completed and now the working is going on over the external partners. It has nearly 18propellers (also known as rotors). Each rotor has an approximate diameter of 1.8 m and these rotors will be attached to a big circular ring also called as rotor ring which is approximately 7.35 m in diameter. The overall height of this taxi is 2.15 m. this flying taxi has leather seats. It will have glazed doors. The taxis will have 18 electric motors which will be driven by 9 independent batteries. The charging time of these batteries is estimated as 40 minutes.  This taxi will be able to carry 450 kg of weight.  These taxis will be able to take two persons at a time; but, efforts are made to increase the capacity from two persons to five persons at a time. These taxis will be crewless that means they will be running on autopilot mode. Safety of the passenger has also been taken care of; the flying taxi has full aircraft parachute which will allow safe descent in emergency. These taxis will be tested for next 2 – 3 years and then will be launched for the public. As said earlier Dubai is planning to launch these taxis around 2020.

Advantages of flying taxis:

  • No runway required

As these taxis will be travelling in air there is no need of any runway for them to travel.

  • Auto-pilot facility

These taxis work on auto-pilot hence there is no need of drivers.

  • Object identification

Flying taxis have a feature of detecting the obstacles that come in their way while travelling. Thus, the taxi will avoid those obstacles after detecting them which will in turn avoid the accidents.

  • Eco-friendly

These taxis work on electricity and hence it will be not contributing to pollution.

  • Reduce the traffic

As flying taxis will be travelling in the air the traffic on the land will eventually decreased. the clogging on the highways will be less.

  • Safety measures

They safety of the passengers is also kept in mind while making these taxis. A full aircraft parachute is installed in it so that it can land safely in an emergency.


Though this project has a good number of advantages but there are some obstacles which can’t be neglected. Government is still not sure whether pilotless manned aircraft should be approved or not. They have to even think about the pricing if they have to stay in the long run as if the prices will be two high people will not use it. Eventually on developed countries will be able to use this facility.