5 Health Gadgets to Make You Rock n Roll!

With a due increase in the amounts of adulteration in the air we intake, the foods we consume and the water we gulp, there has been a degradation in the health conditions of human beings. As it is said “health is wealth”, maintaining a good health should be our prime motive. In today’s era of technological advancements, electronic gadgets have popped out to a larger extent. They are, in fact, a boon to our society. From being luxuries to necessities, their transformation is truly mesmerizing. Not only in making our calculations easy, affording us virtual social lives and helping in communicating with faraway families, but electronics also helps us in managing our body fitness and gesture. Several gadgets have been invented to adapt a healthier lifestyle in this world of mental activities. Some of them are given below.

health gadgets

Best Health Gadgets

1. Gymwatch

Looking just like a normal time telling watch, gym watches have gathered immense hike in their demands and uses. With its exceptional longevity, gym watches not only feels the burning of your calories but also makes you avoid incorrect exercises. It also offers you tips on improvement for up to 900 distinct workouts. It also tells you about the solid rep and a half-hearted effort by tracking your movement data. It can also be paired with a smart phone app and guide you toward achieving your fitness goals through audio feedbacks.

2. miCoach Pacer

The first step towards maintaining fitness is running. Age, occupation and gender wise, there can be a variety in running goals for each one of us. miCoach Pacer offers you an interactive training program that works with your mp3 player to give you feedback as your run. This device measures your speed, acceleration and also the distance covered. Accordingly, it asks you to give yourself a push or ease up. Hence by keeping active about your targets, this gadget is the first friend of your healthy lifestyle.

3. Garmin approach S1

This is a watch-like gadget used by wearing it on your wrist. This gadget is designed to train the golfers. If you are a crazy and passionate golf player, you might need this instead of a golf coach to be the best. S1 is a powerful GPS tool with preloaded golf courses. This located your spot on the golf course you are in and calculates how far you’ve trekked around and also the flight of your ball.

4. Helbe GoBe

Unlike other bands, GoBe is not just an activity tracker, but it also measures calorie intake. It has advanced sensors which detect the amount of glucose in your cells through your skin, taking a true account of your calories. It is also a health rate monitor and an accelerometer. It also works when you sleep keeping a note of your stress and hydration levels.

5. Finis Swimsense

Swimming is the ultimate exercise to keep you healthy and free from diseases. It channelises our blood flow and keeps us energetic. However being a tougher coordination exercise, most of us fail to perform perfect swimming strokes. Finis is a modern day gadget which fits in our wrists. It not only identifies the type of stroke you are doing but also notifies your about the distance per stroke and the amount of calories you’ve burned in your last stroke. Depending on your swimming history, you can set goals in it, create custom workouts and monitor your progress.

These were some of the useful technologies which can help you to lead a healthy life. Be your own mentor with the help of these gadgets, analyze your results and work harder in improving them. Remember, practice makes a man perfect.

Christopher Benitez