3 Mobile fix data drain

3 mobile fix data drain

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3mobile broadband data drain fix

If you notice your data being used up very quickly on 3 mobile broadband plan, you should consider doing the following:

1.  Turn off Windows Update

2.  Uninstall or disable any apps that are downloading things in the background.  Some apps start up automatically in Windows 7 or 8.  Manufacturer apps like Toshiba, Acer, HP etc all have apps that update things so make sure they are not downloading things in the background.

Here are guides on how to turn off updates for Windows and Mac.

Turn off automatic updates for Windows.

Turn off automatic updates for Mac.

The best way of tracking how much data you’ve used is by going to your My3 account on your computer or tablet. This will tell you how many megabytes you have left in your allowance. Using your My3 account is free.