3 Effective Apps to Track A Phone Location

3 Effective Apps to Track A Phone Location

Smartphone tracking software used to be a feature that came with Android or iOS devices. As this service was subject to increasing demand, it spawned a whole new array of applications that expanded the features and capabilities of phone location tracking software. Some even allow you to spy on a person messages, for example, the mSPy app allows you to view the Kik messenger chats. Interestingly enough, most of these third-party apps are more reliable than the ones that are built into your smartphone.


Spyic is a very popular mobile app for both Android and iOS. It has a stealth mode installation and a comprehensive web app that offers enhanced control over the phone where it is installed. The app can retrieve contracts, check messages, track the phone in real-time, capture screenshots remotely monitor calls and social apps.

The app can be installed directly from the play store and does not need any advanced tech skills to install. To track everything, Spyic uses a web interface and as long as the smartphone is connected to the internet, it can be tracked. It is worth noting that the app is not free but it is reasonably priced. For the features it offers, Spyic is a bit better than similar free apps.


While Spyic has a more stealthy approach and has features that make it useful to track someone without them noticing, Life360 has a radically different approach. It is designed as a family-friendly app. Most users adopted it because it has simple features and it is very easy to use.

Unlike other tracking apps, Life360 is not stealth and it is less invasive. It was made to be used by parents to monitor their children as it has a safety aspect to it. The app can track Android and iOS smartphones in real-time. Some interesting features include the driving mode that is meant to promote safe driving, nearby family members, and emergency features that calls all your close ones in case of trouble.


FamiSafe is similar to Life360 but focuses even more on family-friendly features. The app has tracking features that allow parents to know where their children are at any given time.

The parental control features of the app are quite well designed. FamiSafe can be used to limit screen time, block certain websites, scan for suspicious photos or text messages, and detect social media use. Diving deeper into the parental options of the app will seem a bit overwhelming but all the features it has will prove to be quite useful.


Besides the 3 listed tracking apps, there are a few others that may be worth checking out. However, very few come close to the capabilities of Spyic, Life360, and FamiSafe. Certainly, the three apps were designed with different purposes in mind. All of them are great for what they do but none of them are universally great for everyone. Based on what you plan to use the app for, you may find that only one is suitable for you.