10 Things Every Laptop Owner Should Know

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In the modern technological era almost everyone owns a laptop. However, those who own it often take it for granted, considering it just another machine up for some rough use. It’s actually a completely different case. Laptops demand your care and attention as much as pets. So let us have a look at some of the things that laptop owners must know while handling their laptops in their busy lives.

1. Do not dump! Every time your computer is damaged you don’t have to dispose of the computer. Just the mechanical parts may fail, and they can be easily replaced.

2. Learn to open the flap. One should always open the laptop lid holding the center of it, or holding both the corners with each hand and lifting it up. This makes sure that there is no damage to the screen of the laptop.

3. Where to place it? Never run your laptop by keeping it on a soft surface, like a bed or worse, your lap. If the laptop isn’t supported with a hard enough surface, you might unknowingly partially or completely block the air vent required for the cooling assembly. If no air reaches the fan inside the laptop, the laptop gets extremely hot, hereby reducing the efficiency and the speed of your system. Though sitting on the couch you’re your laptop in your lap is comfortable, in the long run it’s affecting your machine and sure that isn’t at all desirable.

4. Where’s happiness? The traditional desktop computers, with their boxy shapes and all the wires sticking out of all places, are simply for those who want to change or improve/upgrade their computers. If you are someone who is quite content with the rig that your computer already possesses just get an All-in-one computer, or just a laptop that is connected to an external screen. This will keep you a lot happier than a desktop computer, trust me.

5. Keep dust at bay! The fans inside the computer and the heat sinks must be regularly cleaned of the dust that accumulates on them. You can never imagine how much dust is accumulated over them, and when you actually see it you will be shocked. Let’s make it a bit gross now. Most of that dust is you. Yes, a large part of it is your dead skin cells, transferred into it while you are busy working on the computer. Either clean it on your own in the house, or take it for servicing every six months and get it cleaned to make sure that you yourself are not responsible for your laptop getting damaged.

6. It’s not that simple. A laptop is not something simple for everyone to understand. It is one of the most intricate and complex combination of electronic devices, especially designed to do things that were once unimaginable. Never get the repair work of this delicate array of electronic devices by an amateur. Though it may cost you more, always go for professional service for no regrets later on.

7. Screen issues! You should never hit the laptop screen. Any laptop doesn’t usually respond very well to physical impacts, and you hitting it while it is operating may damage some portion of it or loosen some connection inside rendering it useless. Be careful!

8. Liquids + Laptops – A STRICT NO! Never mix liquids and laptops. They are each other’s worst enemy and no matter the amount of liquid you spill, it is enough to damage your keyboard. Some of it might even make its way to the motherboard or the hard drive, and kill the foundation of your computer altogether. Though, SSD’s can be considered as a solution, it is always advisable to keep liquids away from your laptop.

9. Want that speed? Some of you are expect a low priced rig to work at supersonic speeds; that is simply not possible! If you want a super fast laptop, open up your pockets more and pay for it. Never cut down on the specs to save a few bucks, as the results later may be highly unsatisfactory. Be realistic. Spend those extra bucks if you want a gaming laptop, or just be content with a normal one. Performance is paramount, and you would have to suit your daily job to obtain optimal performance, not test the limits of your laptop and damaging it in the process.

10. Backup does wonder! The software used for backup is really, really easy to use. Most of them run in the background, with the occasional notification, and are quite adept at backing up every single stuff that is present on your laptop. In case of a Windows laptop, you can download loads of software, but for Mac users you should go with system backup Time Machine already provided.

These simple steps can help in a great way increasing the longevity of your machine, and extracting the best out of it on a professional and personal front!