10 Mobile Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Have

Mobile app

Smart phones over the decade have become a boon in this hectic lifestyle of entrepreneurs and working professionals, who have numerous tasks to do, line up each day. The mobile apps available on the internet not only ease their job but also help them to remain organized and plan out things efficiently and effectively. There is one or the other app available nowadays for almost every kind of task that needs to be done in corporate profession. The apps either work as a direct aid or help indirectly by saving time on small tasks which when get piled up can cause a lot of stress due to mismanagement.  So, here are 10 essential apps that every entrepreneur should download on their mobile devices.

  • Free Wi-Fi Finder

    This app helps you to connect to nearest WiFi range available and saves a lot of time and bills. The offline functionality helps to download places that you are about to visit while travelling. You can locate fast WiFi anywhere without the headache of roaming fees on mobile data.

  • PayPal

    Another useful app to carry out fast transaction, it can make your life a lot more hassle free. Using PayPal, paying and receiving money is a lot more fun and you can also keep a track of your transaction at the same time.

  • Hot Schedule

    Hot schedule app allows the professionals to make schedule of meetings, tasks, etc. and notify the employees by sending texts or emails .You don’t have to depend on those paper note or sticky notes anymore as this app will do the task automatically for you.

  • Evernote

    While working in your hectic schedule you sometimes get ideas, thoughts or a solution to a problem that you need to write down, otherwise it gets lost in your mind given the workload you have. Evernote does the task for you to jot down everything useful that comes to your mind to be used later.

  • Skype

    Skype is one of the most useful applications when it comes to video or audio communication. People in businesses need to talk to dealers, contractors, partners, and if the communication has to be made abroad the charges are significant. Skype can save you from those charges and make communication fast and easy.

  • Uber

    What if you suddenly have an urgent meeting scheduled at a distant place, or you have to attend an event but do not have you personal vehicle available at the moment? All you need to do is to download Uber and save for yourself all the money and time and reach at the venue safely.

  • Dropbox

    Dropbox is another file synching and storage service that let you share and access files and data with almost any device be it phone or a computer. It also provides a backup storage though, you have to pay significant charges for that, but the safety of the data and service quality are at place.

  • Square

    This credit card processing app is easy to use from anywhere. This allows you to accept payment using your Master, Visa, Discover and American express card at a very economical rate. It also includes other useful tools for handling various tasks in your daily work.

  • Skyvia

    Every company that uses heavy data or depends on computer related work needs data integration tools. This app doesn’t need any coding or training to use it. Everything happens on cloud and your apps remain in sync for various operations.

  • Pocket

    Named one of the best apps for iPhones and Android, Pocket is also one of the very popular apps on the internet. It is reliable and user friendly. It helps to discover stories on the web and its offline functionality let you use it without internet for free.